Nintendo recorded the Pokémon and Pokémon Sun Moon brands

Following the official announcement of the new pair of Pokémon video games saga, let’s take stock of the situation to see whether the theories that have blossomed on social platforms around the web have some truth or not.

Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon are the next video games dedicated to the world pokémon arriving later this year, and seem to bring with them a new generation of pocket monsters.

Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon are just the names of the two new chapters of the Pokémon saga. Will be exclusive to the portable console Nintendo aims, namely the Nintendo 3DS, and seem to hide a large number of surprises.

During the last Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pokémon, Pokémon renamed Direct, a communication of 5 minutes just retraced the 20 years history of the Pokémon video games, ending with the big announcement.

Very few images were shown, and in addition to the names, the release date and the platform on which they will run games, you do not know anything more.

Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon almost certainly unveil a new generation of Pokémon, the seventh. After the great success of the sixth, with the introduction of the big novelties (such as MegaEvoluzione and type Sprite), the seventh curious and perhaps it will live up to our expectations.
So far the only information on this game are to be found in the launch trailer, shown during the Nintendo Direct. What we are shown in this ad?

In truth, very little, so fans around the world have enjoyed theorize the possibility of setting rather than another, the very first Pokémon seventh generation and the strange role that would in all this Magearna, the last legendary sixth generation. For more info on Magearna visit the page, where you’ll find pictures and information on this Pokémon.
Some argue that the next chapters will pokémon set in a region inspired by China. The Nintendo ad has insisted on opening diplomatic language as a channel for global connection of the players. Pokémon Sun & Moon will in fact be available in 9 different languages, two more than in recent titles (download pokemon sun rom), to offer the opportunity to many new players to enter this world.

Others argue that the hypothesis of China is not defensible, mainly because of some palm trees and other tropical shrubs clearly present in the first artwork; these other fans prefer to support the hypothesis of setting sea or exotic, and the finger was pointed at Hawaii. The few buildings that were shown during the announcement, as well as some vehicles that will be found within the game, seem to resemble the architectural style and popular vehicles in that country.

We advise all readers to always stay connected to our website for more details about Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon! Stay tuned for new info and many more updates!

As per tradition, we find two games by specular titles and closely related and perhaps it is just the ad that should be done at the Pokémon Direct tomorrow.

Recall that, Tuesday, February 27, 1996 is a date to remember! To video game fans he was asked to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. It was the beginning of a worldwide phenomenon that would continue for 20 years in various countries and on more platforms, marked by many memorable moments.

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