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I used Uber 10 days

I wanted to see whats it’s like to go to the other side of Uber. Being a Uber client, i used the service for the first time in London in 2012. So, for about 10 days, I went to make voyages. I’ve decided and I started making my account on Uber site, I climbed all the documents and then I went to a presentation meeting to receive enabled.

After the meeting, they checked all new drivers documents, a guy was rejected because it was an ongoing process for alcohol, and I was just about to be rejected because I had no point auto record. They thought it was fake.



From the chair of the client things are extraordinary well

It’s normal, you have a superior taxi service, most often at the same price. I mean, it’s very nice to go with a premium car and the driver does not breaj seeds, to go with the windows open at 40 degrees Celsius, do your knowledge gases from all cars and dust in the city, instead of starting AC. Luckily, I have not had the unpleasant situations. As a personal statistic, most customer Uber works in IT Management positions in companies, I met many freelancers, programmers, marketers.


People are middle class or top. I tend to believe that Uber was very well spread through blogs and blog readers apparently they are. Honestly I do not remember seeing any advertising campaign Uber using channels other than blogs. Customers evening go mostly to have fun, make jokes and tell all kinds of stuff. It feels quite another air compared to the morning. But I have no idea what it’s like to work after two am, when customers come from perhaps amusement. The interesting part is that people continually telling me how excited are quality of service. And how has revolutionized Uber taxi and taxi drivers as a lesson.

Customers morning and day are generally caught up with work, some changed a word, all the way others talk on the phone or sit staring phones. May is going to go up and one group of strangers. Well firstly because the tariff is extremely small. At one point I took a kind of center here on business for a few days, it was the first time in the city. I smiled in the mirror and I said that I deal with anything really. In London, UberX costs 1.40 pounds per mile. And there most drivers have Toyota Prius, a hybrid 3-4 liters consuming percent in the city. And on this occasion I understood why most taxis in London looks and works damage. Because drivers can not afford to maintain them. Although they have a real advantage over Uber drivers. Take a tip. I had no problem with taxi drivers, although I have heard from colleagues that others had.

Understandably, Uber has reached a market already formed with prices, and automatically had to be competitive or at least to enter the same price as taxis. Only the service is superior and would place a tariff increase without losing customers beach. Plus, a driver working at Phone number tracker months told me that only drivers but rather disproportionately increased significantly with the number of customers, so the number of flights dropped. They are grave errors of organization and logistics, and managers feel they are demigods, which often leads to inappropriate behavior and in discussions with drivers.