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I used Uber 10 days

I wanted to see whats it’s like to go to the other side of Uber. Being a Uber client, i used the service for the first time in London in 2012. So, for about 10 days, I went to make voyages. I’ve decided and I started making my account on Uber site, I climbed all the documents and then I went to a presentation meeting to receive enabled.

After the meeting, they checked all new drivers documents, a guy was rejected because it was an ongoing process for alcohol, and I was just about to be rejected because I had no point auto record. They thought it was fake.



From the chair of the client things are extraordinary well

It’s normal, you have a superior taxi service, most often at the same price. I mean, it’s very nice to go with a premium car and the driver does not breaj seeds, to go with the windows open at 40 degrees Celsius, do your knowledge gases from all cars and dust in the city, instead of starting AC. Luckily, I have not had the unpleasant situations. As a personal statistic, most customer Uber works in IT Management positions in companies, I met many freelancers, programmers, marketers.


People are middle class or top. I tend to believe that Uber was very well spread through blogs and blog readers apparently they are. Honestly I do not remember seeing any advertising campaign Uber using channels other than blogs. Customers evening go mostly to have fun, make jokes and tell all kinds of stuff. It feels quite another air compared to the morning. But I have no idea what it’s like to work after two am, when customers come from perhaps amusement. The interesting part is that people continually telling me how excited are quality of service. And how has revolutionized Uber taxi and taxi drivers as a lesson.

Customers morning and day are generally caught up with work, some changed a word, all the way others talk on the phone or sit staring phones. May is going to go up and one group of strangers. Well firstly because the tariff is extremely small. At one point I took a kind of center here on business for a few days, it was the first time in the city. I smiled in the mirror and I said that I deal with anything really. In London, UberX costs 1.40 pounds per mile. And there most drivers have Toyota Prius, a hybrid 3-4 liters consuming percent in the city. And on this occasion I understood why most taxis in London looks and works damage. Because drivers can not afford to maintain them. Although they have a real advantage over Uber drivers. Take a tip. I had no problem with taxi drivers, although I have heard from colleagues that others had.

Understandably, Uber has reached a market already formed with prices, and automatically had to be competitive or at least to enter the same price as taxis. Only the service is superior and would place a tariff increase without losing customers beach. Plus, a driver working at Phone number tracker months told me that only drivers but rather disproportionately increased significantly with the number of customers, so the number of flights dropped. They are grave errors of organization and logistics, and managers feel they are demigods, which often leads to inappropriate behavior and in discussions with drivers.




Nintendo recorded the Pokémon and Pokémon Sun Moon brands

Following the official announcement of the new pair of Pokémon video games saga, let’s take stock of the situation to see whether the theories that have blossomed on social platforms around the web have some truth or not.

Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon are the next video games dedicated to the world pokémon arriving later this year, and seem to bring with them a new generation of pocket monsters.

Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon are just the names of the two new chapters of the Pokémon saga. Will be exclusive to the portable console Nintendo aims, namely the Nintendo 3DS, and seem to hide a large number of surprises.

During the last Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pokémon, Pokémon renamed Direct, a communication of 5 minutes just retraced the 20 years history of the Pokémon video games, ending with the big announcement.

Very few images were shown, and in addition to the names, the release date and the platform on which they will run games, you do not know anything more.

Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon almost certainly unveil a new generation of Pokémon, the seventh. After the great success of the sixth, with the introduction of the big novelties (such as MegaEvoluzione and type Sprite), the seventh curious and perhaps it will live up to our expectations.
So far the only information on this game are to be found in the launch trailer, shown during the Nintendo Direct. What we are shown in this ad?

In truth, very little, so fans around the world have enjoyed theorize the possibility of setting rather than another, the very first Pokémon seventh generation and the strange role that would in all this Magearna, the last legendary sixth generation. For more info on Magearna visit the page, where you’ll find pictures and information on this Pokémon.
Some argue that the next chapters will pokémon set in a region inspired by China. The Nintendo ad has insisted on opening diplomatic language as a channel for global connection of the players. Pokémon Sun & Moon will in fact be available in 9 different languages, two more than in recent titles (download pokemon sun rom), to offer the opportunity to many new players to enter this world.

Others argue that the hypothesis of China is not defensible, mainly because of some palm trees and other tropical shrubs clearly present in the first artwork; these other fans prefer to support the hypothesis of setting sea or exotic, and the finger was pointed at Hawaii. The few buildings that were shown during the announcement, as well as some vehicles that will be found within the game, seem to resemble the architectural style and popular vehicles in that country.

We advise all readers to always stay connected to our website for more details about Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon! Stay tuned for new info and many more updates!

As per tradition, we find two games by specular titles and closely related and perhaps it is just the ad that should be done at the Pokémon Direct tomorrow.

Recall that, Tuesday, February 27, 1996 is a date to remember! To video game fans he was asked to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. It was the beginning of a worldwide phenomenon that would continue for 20 years in various countries and on more platforms, marked by many memorable moments.

History machines

History machines

History car starts in 1769. The first car that worked and could carry people on board had steam engine. In 1806 it appeared the cars with internal combustion engines. After a century of research, in 1900 developed the electric motor. In developed countries, the car quickly imposed as the main means of transport. In the 20th century there were 500 000 vehicles worldwide. In 2007, production increased from 80 million cars. Car origin is lost in the crowd of names of dozens of people in at least 12 countries, each bringing contributions to the development of this technology.

History car is very unclear. The history began in 1769, but the first machine, which act on the steam was created around 1672 by a Chinese monk. True Steam engines have emerged in Europe.

During the interwar era began in front engined cars, retro cars. This however takes fashion to the crisis. The early 20th century shows a huge development for the automobile industry. Ford has always been present, surviving the years, regardless of the situation.

In 1880, researcher F. Forest developed the first low-voltage magneto and carburetor float. In 1891, W. Maybach improve the carburetor float and ii introduces a nozzle needle. The first car that runs on four wheels was designed by FW Lanchester. Michelin brothers invented the pneumatic tire, following that in 1895 to build the first car equipped with tires to the wheels.

Ford car history begins with the story of Henry Ford, a man who changed the lives of many people due to practical and affordable cars they produced. Furniture assembly line and mass production techniques that he invented established standards that have to be assessed all industrial activity in the first half of the 20th century In 1908, inventor H. Ford shows America one of the cars that are going to become the best-selling automoil beginning of the century, even today.

Most historians consider people two Germans, G. K. Benz and Daimler as the main pioneers of the vehicle with internal combustion engine and parents modern cars. The first car that was achieved was a successful test of the three-wheeled vehicle built by Benz in 1885, a mechanical engineer in his factory. Resembling a giant stroller, the car has covered four laps around the factory on a road slag being hailed by his wife and his employees Benz before one of the chains to yield, and the car to stop. Daimler’s test came a few months after tours conducted Benz around his factory, making it a go without accidents. Although many previous inventors had abandoned the attempt to produce a functional atomobil both Benz and Daimler have progressed independently. In fact, their companies merged in 1926, subsequently producing cars bearing the Mercedes – Benz. Surprisingly, Daimler and Benz were not never met.

They were, however, bitter rivals who subsequently claimed invention of the automobile. In retrospect, it seems that Daimler has viewed the car as a kind of motorized carriage, while Benz, which have richer imagination, realized the car as a completely new vehicle transport. However, Daimler’s engine turned the car into reality. When considered all contributions, grants honor of inventing the automobile historians amundorura equally.

History car would be incomplete without presentation of work but Henry Ford. About Ford know precisely three things: a car revolutionized the world by producing a practical car and a lot of people could afford; He invented the concept of the production line that revolutionized the industry and changed the lifestyle of Americans. Before Ford’s were horse and cart. After Ford, no car.

Ford family members came to the city of Dearborn, Michigan, the Irish county of Cork, in 1832. William’s father Henry, arrived with a lot of uncles and aunts in 1840 from hunger caused by lack of potatoes in Ireland.

Henry, who was born two years before the end of the civil war, his family work the land. At age 16, however, committed part-time at a workshop where he could satisfy his passion for studying the functioning mechanisms and inventions. Subsequently, the Company undertook Detroit Edison, and at the age of 30 years had charge of elecricitatea city. This post leaves them more free time and spend it in his shop in 1893, built a superior petrol engine existing models. Three years later invented an object looking ungainly, like a spider, he had four wheels and was half bike, half machine. He was baptized quadricycle or horseless carriage. In the following years brought many improvements carriage without horses, and in 1903 concluded that he had obtained commercial machine. With only a sum of 28,000 dollars, Ford managed to establish that the company would be named.